Abby working with a child

Abby combines a practical application of acupuncture guided with a spiritual sense that borders on Eastern philosophy, old world values and a connection to nature’s own rhythms and flows.  Not muddled in new age philanthropy that holistic healing is sometimes associated with, her patients health goals don’t stop at treating the physical ailments and limitations that acupuncture relieves. She has allowed myself to combine her treatments with a positive mindset that reinforces the notion that overall health is a process and not dictated by time in the practitioner’s office. Abby adheres to the ideology that acupuncture can treat many ailments through unblocking and freeing up of the body’s own healing mechanisms which parleys a common understanding that good health is a product of lifestyle, attitude, and treatment.
Jerry M. Manhattan Beach, CA

I have seen Abby for a couple of years now and I wouldn’t go to anyone else. She has such a great positive and calming energy that transfers over to you when she is working on you. She is extremely gentle and very aware of your body when she is working on you. I love Abby and wouldn’t trust anyone else.
– Laura F. San Pedro, CA

If you have any pain; Abby is the person to see. She’s amazing!! I highly recommend Abby’s Acupuncture!
Nely L. San Pedro, CA

Abby has given me many acupuncture treatments and herbal supplements. After my first treatment there was an improvement in my health immediately. She seemed to be able to read my body very well to suggest perfect herbal supplements. You will not find a kinder, softer person to work with on healing, she is a delight of a person. I think she can actually heal with just her amazing smile. When doctors today are good for the diagnosis, if you really need to heal go see Abby.  
Ted M. Huntington Beach, CA